Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY: chalkboard mason jars

When planning my birthday soiree I knew that I wanted to serve drinks in mason jars but I couldn't decide how I wanted to differentiate the jars. I thought about putting flags on the straws with each guests' name but then I was searching around on etsy and found these chalkboard label stickers that I thought would be perfect for the jars! After I washed the jars and cleaned them off I started to put the stickers on...but they didn't exactly stick to the jars like I had wanted. Luckily I had picked up some chalkboard paint for another project and figured since it was multi-surface I could probably paint the jars. It worked perfectly!! They are so cute and each jar's rectangle is a little different to give the collection an eclectic look. All it took was a paint brush, some chalkboard paint (I love Martha Stewart's), and mason jars. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Picks

This past week could not have been crazier. Luckily it's over and we're about to start a brand new week and hopefully this one should be a lot less stressful.
1) My first weekend pick fits right in with the weekend theme because it is one of my favorite pieces from the new Saturday collection by Kate Spade. I love the use of mint throughout the collection and especially adore the fun open back tops they have. I can't wait to get my hands on one of their new items!
2) Bradley Agather of Luella and June can honestly do no wrong in my book. Her blog is so clean and refreshing and I just love her posts. That being said, her outfit posts are some of my favorite because her style is so minimal, fresh, and fun. Her most recent outfit post is definitely one of my favorites so far because I absolutely adore the way she styled her Tory Burch tunic.
3) Zac Brown Band: heaven to my ears. I have been in a "I need want summer mood" and Zac Brown Band is my ultimate summer music. Their music reminds me of sitting on the beach, drinking sweet tea and *attempting* to tan.
4)Happy Birthday to me! I love birthdays, especially when it's my own. My birthday is this week and I couldn't be more excited. I feel like birthdays are the only days when it is acceptable to be all about yourself. Y'all already know my obsession with paper and stationary so I thought it'd be fitting to include Sugar Paper's birthday cards! Even though the cards are $6 each, I feel like it's okay to indulge in pretty cards if it means your family and friends will enjoy them. Who doesn't love a handwritten birthday card?
I plan to be posting a lot more soon so be sure to stay tuned!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekend Picks

Hi y'all!! Happy Friday! Even though I had a four day week I feel as if this week went by unbelievably slow. Thankfully it's the weekend and it is starting to feel like spring outside!
1) I love a good DIY project and these gold foiled tumblers are right up my alley. They seem super easy to make and look so good. I'm in the midst of planning a birthday soiree right now and these cups may have to make an appearance.
2)SUMMER. Honestly that is all that has been on my mind recently. Summer concerts, the smell of sunscreen, and snow-cones sound so intriguing right now. I came across this picture on Pinterest the other day and thought that it embodied summer perfectly: lazy days spent in the sun reading a good book magazine or something equally interesting on an iPad/kindle.
3)Continuing with my summer theme: I cannot wait for sandal season. While I love boots and I'm always ready to break them out when October rolls around, right now I'm on my sandal kick. Painted toes and opened toed shoes (and the weather that usually accompanies them) sound superb. I'm especially loving Jack Rogers and their new spring/summer arrivals right now.
Have a great rest of your weekend!
xo Meghan